For job seekers

Nabídky zaměstnání

Questions You Can Ask

  • Find out why the job is open, who had it last, and what happened to him/her.
  • How many people have had this position in the past two years? What happened to them?
  • Why did the interviewer join the company?
  • Who will you report to?
  • Where is the job located, what are the travel requirements?
  • What type of training is available?
  • What will be my first tasks?
  • What are the realistic chances for growth in the job, and in the company?
  • What has been the growth pattern of the company over the last five years?
  • Can you see a job description?
Phone/Fax: +(420) 234 221 400
Employment Express, s.r.o.
Malá Štěpánská 1932/3
120 00 Praha 2


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