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Executive Search

Executive search for us is not merely a search for suitable managers or specialists. It is also a service which enables a client to obtain a current comparison and overview of the market situation. This procedure helps a client make a competent decision and thereby, successfully fill a key position within the company. 

How do we work?

  1. We study thoroughly the client’s requirements.
  2. Together with the client we define an ideal candidate profile and a list of areas where a suitable candidate can be found.
  3. We prepare a long list – a list of potentially suitable candidates.
  4. We prepare a short list – a list of screened candidates selected for a presentation to a client.
  5. We agree with a client a concrete presentation of candidates.
  6. We verify and take complete references should it be required by the client.
  7. We give support to our client when making the final offer to a successful candidate.

Executive search is built on maximum and mutual trust. It is our obligation to maintain and further build on our client’s trust while enhancing our standards, ethics and quality of provided services.

When do we recommend using executive search? 

  1. A client is interested in getting a new manager but also wants to obtain more complex information about the labor market including key elements about the job description, seniority of the position within a company, salary expectations, portfolio of benefits, etc.
  2. A client needs to replace a current manager, but wishes to remain discreet about the intended operation.
  3. A client is searching for a nonstandard type of candidate.
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